Wealth Seurity
Life Balancce
Health Security

In addition to regular training and a comprehensive promotion mechanism, employees also have annual salary adjustment opportunities and year-end reward benefits.

The company pays for the pension, medical care, work injury, unemployment, maternity insurance for the employees who join the company, pays the housing provident fund after the transfer, and gives the employees peace of mind social security.

In addition to snacks, each partner can enjoy holiday gifts, birthday gifts, entry anniversary gifts, wedding gifts and maternity gifts.

Regularly organize employee activities and participate in team building.

raise & Year-end bonus

Social security & Housing Provident Fund

Considerate welfare

Sports association

Paid vacations

Annual tourism

Two-day weekend, legal holidays, marriage leave, annual leave, paternity leave and paid annual leave.

Organize a tour every year.

Annual inspection

Accident Insurance

Medical Insurance

Provide an annual physical health check for employees, comprehensively test your physical condition, and prevent various health risks earlier.

Buy accident insurance for employees who meet the conditions and provide safeguard for young people to go out.

Buy medical insurance for employees who meet the conditions and make them no longer be worry about getting sick.

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