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The company adheres to the concept of"openness, efficiency, quality and sharing", we aim to become a“domestic leading & International first-class”smart energy solution provider

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Integrated Energy Service

The integrated energy system has become an important strategic direction for the future of the international energy sector. The development of energy services will contribute to foster national independent innovation capabilities and enhance the international influence and competitiveness of the energy sector.

Provid energy utilization proposal with scientific and rational way
Provide optimal energy supply ratio for users, improve energy efficiency, and reduce energy consumption by utilizing big data, cloud computing, and expert system technology.

Provide one-stop services such as distributed energy, microgrid, energy storage project planning, design, construction, approval, financing, etc.. Create energy Interconnection within industrial park. Assist enterprises to participate in distributed energy transactions and grid auxiliary services to pursue new profit growth point for enterprises.

Provide distributed energy,microgrid system and energy storage one-stop services
Provide integrated energy service for public buliding

Provide energy-saving surveys, energy-saving diagnostics, energy-efficiency audits, etc. for public buildings such as hospitals, schools, office buildings, etc.. Provide energy-saving solutions for users to make public buildings more energy-efficient, greener and more eco-friendly.

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