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The company adheres to the concept of"openness, efficiency, quality and sharing", we aim to become a“domestic leading & International first-class”smart energy solution provider

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ISO Enterprise

Electricity energy service

Create value for users, improve the energy usage level,reduce energy usage costs, extend the connotation of power production factors,and mine user value, including new formats such as smart energy, integrated energy services, energy big data and so on.

Electricity Marketing

Competitive price transaction monthly of electricity marketing within the province

● Bilateral transaction of electricity

marketing within the province

Electricity transaction within or

spanning the province

Electricity spot marketing transaction

Distribution grid investment and construction solution

Distribution grid operation and management solution

Distribution upgrade and transformation solution

● Microgrid investment, construction,operation and management solution

New energy investment and operation solution

Distribution grid investment operation
Electricity energy incremental service

Enterprise energy management solution in all domains

●Collection, analysis and processing of energy data

● Carbon emission consultation service

● Green certificate consultation service

●Energy finance service

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